With recognized leadership spanning four decades, ESI is the only answer for efficient collateral repossession and auto recovery services throughout Chicago, the Midwest, Hawaii and Guam.



Coverage Area

Nationwide Recovery Services, Including Chicago, the Midwest, Hawaii & Guam

An effective and successful recovery agency is the result of the work of many experienced and talented individuals. Lien holders searching for repossession companies in the Midwest, Hawaii and Guam know effective collateral recovery starts with knowledge and experience. As the result of an immense coverage area and variety of repo services, our customers have continued to express their satisfaction. ESI proudly retains the “go to” reputation for repossession companies across the country.


We Have Built Our Reputation on Service and Results

Repossession is an intricate process, from beginning to end. ESI is committed to simplifying unique situations and prioritizing your greatest concerns. As a full service repossession and recovery agency, we offer towing, storage, skip tracing, transport, locksmithing and auto auctioning. Equitable Services maintains repo agents from multiple offices throughout America. We’re experienced and ready now to locate, repossess, store and liquidate automobiles, trucks, boats, planes, farm equipment and chattel.



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